At Least 25 Monkeys Have Escaped a Wildlife Park and Eluded Capture in Loffingen, Germany

More than two dozen Barbary macaques have broken out of their enclosure at the Tatzmania wildlife park in the town of Loffingen, Germany.

The monkeys were first spotted roaming around a local neighborhood end were able to elude capture from zoo employees.

Residents were advised to avoid contact with the monkeys and to notify police if they were spotted.

The monkeys were later finally captured by the police while they were basking in the sun in a nearby forest.

“The animals apparently took advantage of the nice weather and spent the afternoon on the edge of a forest near the zoo,” said the local police.

Police speculate that construction work at the zoo may have helped the monkeys escape but are still investigating the matter.

No monkeys or people were reported to have been harmed during the incident.

A similar breakout also happened in Cincinnati where five capuchin monkeys have escaped a private collection and were sighted at a local cemetery swinging from trees.

The Cincinnati monkeys still remain at large and are being tracked down by authorities.

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