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Saturday, April 17, 2021

University of Minnesota Welcomes Four New Members to Its Board of Regents

A doctor, engineer, farmer and current student will join University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents in May to oversee its cost of tuition alongside the school’s $4 million budget.

The new regents will face a $150 million shortfall for the current fiscal year and aim to improve the school’s programs over their six-year terms. Among the new faces are Ruth Johnson and Kodi Verhalen, a Mayo Clinic doctor with board of trustees experience and an attorney/engineer respectively. The two new regents come after previous criticism of the board’s gender imbalance.

James Farnsworth, a current student at the school, stressed the importance of distance learning options for the long-term given the amount of nontraditional students balancing other commitments. 

Farnsworth also advocates extending the tuition freeze for resident students while the pandemic continues.

The four new regents have already begun participating in board meetings via Zoom.

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