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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Jailed Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny ‘Losing Sensation in Legs and Hands,’ His Lawyers Say

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has started to lose sensation in his legs and hands and has two spinal hernias, his lawyers said on April 7.

“Alexei walks by himself. Feels pain when walking. A very disturbing factor is that the disease is clearly progressing in terms of loss of sensitivity in the legs, palms and hands,” lawyer Vadim Kobzev said on Twitter

Navalny has also been diagnosed with two spinal hernias, as shown by a result from a magnetic resonance imaging scan, which was not given to Navalny, lawyer Olga Mikhailova told independent television channel Dozhd.

“Alexei himself was not given the scan, he also hadn’t seen the medical report, but they allowed him to write down the diagnosis from their words,” Mikhailova said.

“One of the hernias is quite difficult to treat and is not sufficiently described in the conclusion that was voiced to him. Our neurologist gave us a conclusion that the treatment that he was prescribed in the colony was ineffective and could lead to a worsening of his condition,” Mikhailova further said.

Mikhailova also said that Navalny’s high fever has subsided since he was moved earlier this week to a sick ward in the prison in the town of Pokrov, where he is serving a sentence for parole violations, after complaining of a persistent cough and temperature.

Kobzev said in a tweet that Navalny’s temperature is constantly being monitored, noting that it was fluctuating.

Kobzev also said that Nalvany was losing one kilogram a day and Mikhailova told AFP News that he now weighs “around 80” kilograms. He weighed 93 kilograms when he arrived in the penal colony in March.

Last week, Navalny started a hunger strike to demand for proper treatment for his severe back and leg pain.

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