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Saturday, April 17, 2021 and Honeywell Launches Hi-Tech Mask Line

Black Eyed Peas musician has partnered with Honeywell to bring a new high tech face mask called the “Xupermask” to consumers that will cost $299.

The “Xupermask” (pronounced super mask) will features Honeywell’s HEPA filtration system, noise cancelling earbuds and support for Bluetooth enabled devices. The mask has two sizes, small/medium and medium/large, and will begin shipping on April 8. spoke to reporters at USA Today regarding his “Xupermask” idea, telling them that the inspiration for the masks came from problems he noticed with regular cloth masks. According to, the “Xupermask” was specifically designed to solve common problems with cloths masks, like having your glasses fog up or muffling your voice on a phone call.

Users will be able to get an estimated 7 hours of mask use from a single charge and will also be able to replace the air filters within the HEPA system, which are recommended for replacement every 30 days. Consumers will be able to buy replacement filters in a pack of 3 for $27.99.

The HEPA filters within the mask are only rated for consumer grade use and would not be applicable for the medical field. can be seen sporting a “Xupermask” in the Black Eyed Peas’ newest music video for their song “Girl Like Me”. The musician only planned to make a few hundred of the masks for his friends and colleagues before partnering with Honeywell, which allowed him to release the product to a much larger market.

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