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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Produces Almost Three Million Pages of Evidence

Nearly three million pages of evidence have been produced in the case accusing British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell, of grooming underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse.

Maxwell has denied the original allegations and is awaiting trail in July. She is expected to enter a plea to a new indictment containing claims from a fourth victim later this month. 

U.S. attorney, Audrey Strauss, wrote a letter to the court that confirmed prosecutors have “produced to the defendant more than 2.7 million pages of discovery pursuant to the Government’s various discovery obligations.” 

Prosecutors also objected to a subpoena by Maxwell’s defense team asking for the personal information of Epstein’s victims. Strauss told the court that the subpoena asks for “a substantial amount of sensitive personal information about victims.” Strauss confirmed “the subpoena to BSF requests ‘the original, complete copy’ of a victim’s diary. To the extent the defendant has obtained or will obtain sensitive information about the victims or witnesses, it should be threated as ‘confidential’ under the protective order much like other information in this case.”

The judge granted the request to redact certain segments from the case that Maxwell’s defense said would “serve to cater a ‘craving for that which is sensational and impure.'” Prosecution redactions were also granted to protect the “integrity of an ongoing criminal investigation and to protect parties’ personal privacy interests.” 

The news of 2.7 million pages of evidence represents an increase of evidence in the case. In November of 2020, Newsweek reported there were 1.2 million pages of evidence.

In an attempt to have Maxwell released on bail, her lawyers wrote in a letter to the court that they were not being given enough time to properly care for the case with their client while she remains in prison.

“However, given the voluminous discovery in this case, the most recent production alone being 1.2 million documents, the time accorded Ms. Maxwell remains inadequate for her to review and prepare the defense of her life.” 

Maxwell’s trail is tentatively scheduled for this upcoming July.

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