Hudson County Community College Extends Its Freeze on Tuition Cost

Hudson County Community College will not increase tuition for the second consecutive year citing the pandemic as a strain on the students and community.

The New Jersey-based college’s decision comes from a unanimous vote between its trustees on Monday, while other schools like Baylor University are announcing plans to increase tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Grand Rapids Community College and Worcester State University are among a handful of other institutions to extend their moratorium on tuition costs just weeks before HCCC’s decision.

The Biden administration extended protections such as student loan forbearance through September 2021, but have not placed restrictions on the price tag of tuition despite the shift to virtual learning.

Enrollment for first-time students was down by over 13 percent according to Researchers are identifying similar trends heading into Fall 2021, and steady increases in tuition are an undeniable contributor.

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