University of Michigan Student Launches Memorabilia Trading Website

A senior and basketball manager at the University of Michigan created a website for athletes to sell their own memorabilia which now includes over 90 colleges.

The Players Trunk was created by Michigan senior Jason Lansing and his two friend as a way to help his peers make some extra money. The site mainly offered items from Michigan’s Division I teams including women’s basketball and volleyball to start, but has since expanded to over 90 colleges, in addition to dedicated catalogs or “trunks” for MLB and NBA memorabilia.

Similar to Cameo, a celebrity shoutout app, Players Trunk customers can also purchase a “video shoutout” which is a customizable personal message directly from their favorite college athletes.

According to Lansing, over 6,000 orders have been fulfilled. He plans to run the site full-time after he graduates this May.

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