European Union Concerned About Russian Buildup in Ukraine

The European Union has expressed major concerns over recent Russian troop movements in Ukraine fearing that the conflict might spill outside the separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine.

“Following with severe concern the Russian military activity surrounding Ukraine, Unwavering EU support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell.

Borrell said he would hold talks with Ukraine and the EU’s 27 foreign ministers at an upcoming meeting this month.

Tensions have been escalating in Ukraine since March 26 while the Russian troop movements started March 30.

Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba claimed that Russian troops have already been deployed in Ukraine’s northern and eastern borders, as well as in the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula.

Ruslan Komchak, chief of staff of the Ukrainian armed forces added that there are 28 Russian battalion tactical groups that could include 20-25,000 soldiers.

The Kremlin has not denied their military activity but insisted it was “not threatening” anyone.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov defended that Russia can “move its armed forces within its territory at its discretion” and accused Ukrainian forces of provocation.

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