Gaza Peace Activist Allegedly Tortured by Hamas After Videoconferencing with Israeli Activists

Palestinian peace activist Rami Aman revealed that after being arrested, interrogated and subjected to torture for months in a Hamas prison, he was forced to divorce his wife for being involved in a group video call with Israeli peace activists.

Aman is married to a daughter of a Hamas terror group official. After being subjected to lengthy physical abuse and interrogation, he was forced to break his relationship with his wife in an attempt to dispel any insinuation that the ruling Islamic terror group supported his advocacy to support Israelis that pushes for peace with Palestinians.

Aman was arrested together with his fellow peace activists from the Gaza Youth Committee in April 2020 by Hamas officials. They had to spend hours in a cell also called as “bus” – a holding place where prisoners are kept on tiny chairs.

Aman said that he eventually agreed to do what the Hamas officials demanded after realizing that the terrorists would not free him if he did not cancel the marriage contract.

“I realized I was sent there to do time until I break up my relationship,” Aman said in an interview as he shared his account of his painful experience.

After getting released with a suspended sentence, Aman said his former wife was forced to move out of Gaza against her will. She left the territory with an Egyptian delegation and returned to her family in Egypt.

“I wanted to let people know more how it is when you live under Israeli occupation and siege, deprived of the rights the rest of the world enjoys,” he added.

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