At Least 30 Dead in Alleged Ethnic Cleansing Attack in Oromia

Armed assailants attacked a village in the Oromia region in Western Ethiopia, killing 30 people and wounding 15 others.

Wossen Andaege, a local farmer, said his Amharic neighbors were killed during the attack on Tuesday night in the West Wollega zone of Oromia.

Wossen added that he and his family heard gunshots and fled to a government office nearby to await protection from federal troops.

“We took the bodies using a car and we buried 30 people,” he told Reuters news agency.

Local authorities say the attack was carried out by a splinter group from the Oromia Liberation Front (OLF), known as OLF Shane or the Oromia Liberation Army.

“Although the [OLA] has been weakened by measures taken by the government together with the community to ensure rule of law, out of a feeling of desperation it continues to carry out attacks on civilians,” a statement from the Oromia regional government said.

The Oromo and Amhara are Ethiopians largest ethnic groups. The neighboring regions share a border, and people on both sides of the border have been subject to attacks in recent months.

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