UK Records Warmest March Day in 53 Years

The United Kingdom (UK) has recorded its warmest day after 53 years on Tuesday as it hits the temperature at 24 degrees Celsius.

Alex Burkill, a Met Office forecaster said Tuesday’s figure was “exceptionally high for the time of year.”

“Temperatures could be a touch higher tomorrow than they were today. Whether it will beat the 25.6C, I’m not so sure … It’s a possibility,” Burkill added.

Steve Ramsdale, the Met Office’s chief meteorologist said that the UK will see a few days of “notably warm” weather until the end of March.

“The UK will see a few days of notably warm weather to the end March … There will also be plenty of sunshine across England and Wales; however, parts of Scotland will see some persistent rain over the next couple of days,” he said.

“Conditions will start to change through the day on Thursday as cooler air moves in from the north-east. Highs will fall to the mid-teens before falling further by Friday, especially along the east coast,” he added.

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