Portugal Deploys Troops to Mozambique to Help Fight Terror Groups

Following attacks by Islamist insurgents in Palma, Portugal has pledged to deploy soldiers to Mozambique to train local troops.

Portuguese Foreign Minister, August Santos Silva told state TV channel RTP that a team of “around 60” soldiers were gearing up to be sent to Mozambique, Portugal’s former colony, “in the coming weeks.”

He added that the team would “support the Mozambican army in training special forces.”

Last Wednesday, Jihadists attacked Palma,  a town in the Cabo Delgado province in northern Mozambique. The coordinated attacks targeted military bases and government buildings in what is the biggest hit by insurgents since the conflicts began in 2017.

The IS group claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying it had taken control of the town.

Residents of the town fled to the provincial capital, Pemba, by boats, trucks, and on foot in efforts to escape the violence.

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