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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Ever Given Crew Face Arrest Over Suez Canal Blockage

Both the Indian government and Indian seafarers’ organizations raised concerns about the legal issues that the Ever Given crew may face, including the possibility of criminal negligence charges for blocking the Suez Canal.

Egyptian maritime officials are expected to seize the all-Indian Ever Given crew to probe the incident which has cost the Suez Canal Authority and Maritime shipping companies billions of dollars.

Indian media outlets speculated that Egyptian investigators would listen to recordings of mariners’ conversations before the blockage.

The two Egyptian pilots who were also aboard the Ever Given would be also questioned to determine any human error.

“Firstly, it has to be ascertained as to how the giant ship ran aground. Facts can be checked by examining and listening to conversations in the ship voyage data recorder (equivalent to the ‘black box’ used in aircraft); one can then come to an understanding as to what caused the mishap,” explained Captain Sanjay Parashar, member of India’s National Shipping Board (NSB.)

As part of the investigation. the shipmaster and some of the crew may be restrained leaving and could be placed under house arrest until the cause of the incident was determined.

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