Thailand Denies Reports that Myanmar Refugees are Getting Turned Back at the Border

Thailand government has denied reports regarding Burmese refugees fleeing the conflict in Myanmar are being pushed back over the border.

Tanee Sangrat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that those reports were solely from non-official sources.

“Those reports cite information solely from non-official sources without confirming the facts from official sources on the ground which affirmed that no such pushback took place,” Sangrat said.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, said his country was ready to “shelter” anyone who was escaping the fight.

“There is no influx of refugees yet. We asked those who crossed to Thailand if they have any problem in their area. When they say no problem, we just asked them to return to their land first. We asked, we did not use any force,” Prayuth told reporters.

“We won’t push them back,” he said.

’If they are having fighting, how can we do so? But if they don’t have any fighting at the moment, can they go back first?” he added.

The weekend strikes, which sent Karen National Union to seek safety in Thailand, were another escalation in the violent crackdown by Myanmar’s military on protests against its takeover.

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