US Suspends All Trade With Myanmar After Bloody Weekend

The US announced that it would be suspending trade with Myanmar under a 2013 trade and investment agreement in response to the killing of 114 civilians last Saturday.

US trade representative (USTR) Katherine Tai said the suspension “will remain in effect until the return of a democratically elected government” and would go into effect immediately. 

“The killing of peaceful protesters, students, workers, labor leaders, medics, and children has shocked the conscience of the international community,” said Tai.

US President Joe Biden said that the violence in Myanmar was “terrible” and “absolutely outrageous.”

“Based on the reporting that I got, an awful lot of people have been killed totally unnecessarily,” said Biden.

According to the USTR, Myanmar is the United States’ 84th-largest trading partner and had $1.4 billion worth of goods traded during 2020.

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