UK Starts Easing Lockdown Restrictions

After months of COVID-19 restrictions, England is beginning to ease its strict lockdown procedures.  

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s strong “stay at home” message transitioned to a more relaxed goal: stay local.

People will now be permitted to meet in groups of six outdoors and can resume outdoor sports such as basketball, tennis and gold. 

Other parts of the U.K. — including Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland — are taking similar steps in easing lockdown restrictions. In Wales, larges groups of people met in outdoor areas on Saturday, after authorities lifted travel restrictions that had been in place since December. 

However, while some restrictions have been lifted, most nonessential businesses remain closed, along with pubs, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, theaters, museums and sports stadiums. As a result, millions of workers continue to be furloughed. 

The U.K. has recorded more than 126,000 COVID-19 deaths, the highest death toll in Europe.

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