Mozambique Government Vows Normalcy after Palma Attack

The Mozambican government has vowed to restore normalcy in the country following Wednesday’s attack on Palma by hundreds of militants which left dozens dead.

The fighting, which began on Wednesday, went on for five straight days as the attackers attempted to take control of Palma.

The assailants targeted shops, banks, and a military barracks, and killed seven people as they tried to escape a siege on a hotel, according to Omar Saranga, a spokesperson from the country’s defence department.

The government has been on a rescue mission, in efforts to move people out of the conflict-ridden region. So far, hundreds of people have been transported to safety.

The insurgents, which are affiliated with the Islamic State, are known locally as al-Shabab, but they do not have any known connection to Somalia’s jihadist rebels of the same name.

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