More than 4,700 Venezuelans flee to Colombia Amid Brutal Crackdowns

More than 4,700 Venezuelans have decided to flee to neighboring Columbia from their homes in the border province of Apure during the previous week, the Columbian government said in a press release, after the Venezuelan military launched operations against armed groups near the province.

According to the Venezuelan government, the military operations are aimed to quell the Colombian armed groups in rural areas and have the support of its population.

“When the bombs were falling I felt so nervous,” said Niomar Diaz, one of the Venezuelans who was displaced because of the on-going military operations. “In one house a grandfather died, an 8-year-old boy died, a 9-year-old girl and her mom. The situation was terrible.”

Diaz also said that the dispatched forces of the military were violent and abusive, the reason why his family and neighbors decided to flee from their homes.

In a report, Al Jazeera’s news correspondent Alessandro Rampietti said that the clashes between the Venezuelan military and the “irregular Colombian armed groups” continued to persist on Sunday on the Venezuelan side of the border.

“Many here are very angry at the Venezuelan government for what they consider the use of excessive force on the part of the Venezuelan armed forces,” Rampietti said in the report.

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