Lebanon’s Zahrani Power Plant Shuts Down After Running Out of Fuel

Lebanon’s Zahrani power plant in the south has shut down after it ran out of fuel supply, authorities said.

The plant is one of the four main power plants in the country.

The country’s power company said that there was delay in offloading a spot cargo which contributed to the shutdown.

This has triggered hours of power outages across the country amidst a financial crisis which has led to surging prices and food shortage.

Meanwhile, parliament has approved a $200 million loan on Monday for fuel imports, after the energy ministry said that funds for power are nearly depleted and will last only until this month.

Lebanese parliamentary speaker Nabih Berri warned, “The whole country is in danger, the whole country is the Titanic,” as he opened the session on Monday.

“It’s time we all woke up because in the end, if the ship sinks, there’ll be no one left.”

The emergency loan is expected to power the country for two more months.

Lebanon is still at a deadlock in terms of forming a new cabinet, following the latest meeting between President Michel Aoun and prime minister-designate Saad al-Hariri amidst ongoing protests.

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