Boeing 737 Experiences Tail Malfunction During Flight in Russia, Terrifies Passengers

A Boeing-737 suffered a tail flap malfunction during Moscow to Krasnodar and was forced to make an emergency landing.

The passengers were seen on a viral video taken by Mari Almaz bracing for their lives while the pilot warned them through the intercom while the plane swayed.

“Before landing in Krasnodar, we were told that the plane was preparing for an emergency landing. At first, we thought it was a joke, but later the pilot confirmed it, then the plane circled around the city for about an hour,” said Almaz on her post.

Despite the malfunction, the plane managed to land safely in Krasnodar. 

Almaz posted another video of the plane landing at the airport with the passengers clapping in cheering. 

The Krasnodar airport authority confirmed that the plane landed at 6:18 PM local time.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Krasnodar Branch said that no one was hurt during the incident and that they are investigating it already.

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