Australian TV Station and Parliament Falls Victim to Alleged Hack

The Australian Parliament and Channel Nine News network allegedly fell victim to a cyber-attack last Sunday.

The attack reportedly crippled the Federal Parliament’s IT network and left government employees without access to their emails.

“We’ve had no emails or diaries etc on smart devices for over 25 hours and they don’t think they can fix it today,” claimed a Parliamentary staff member. 

For Channel Nine, the attack disrupted their news production and current affairs services across Australia for more than 24 hours and downed their websites.

“The technology that brings you 9 News every night is under attack by hackers. Whether it’s criminal sabotage or the work of a foreign nation is still being investigated, but this attack could reveal a nationwide vulnerability,” said Channel Nine’s Mark Burrows.

Both Channel Nine and the Parliament did not officially state that they suffered an attack but announced that they have informed the Australian Cyber Security Centre regarding the incident. 

It is still unknown if the attacks were connected or conducted by the same entity but they were all reported on the same day.

Assistant Defence Minister Andrew Hastie said that the Australian Signals Directorate has cooperated with the DPS to investigate the attack. 

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