Asian-American Veteran Reveals Military Scars During Meeting, Asks if ‘Patriot Enough’

An elected Asian-American official in Ohio revealed the scars on his chest he got while serving in the United States army as he spoke about racist attacks against Asian-Americans during a board meeting.

Last March 23, Board of Trustees Chairman Lee Wong of the West Chester Township in Cincinnati took off his shirt, revealing his scars, and asked, “Is this patriot enough?”

The 69-year-old showed his scars as “proof” for “some ignorant people that would come up to me and say that I don’t look American enough or patriotic enough” amid the rise of violence against Asian-Americans across the country.

Wong said in his speech that he came to the U.S. from Borneo at the age of 18 and while in Chicago during the 1970s, someone attacked him for being Asian, leading him to join the army.

“We went to court and he never got punished, so that changed the course of my career. I went to the U.S. Army and served 20 years in active duty,” Wong said.

A video clip of his speech has gone viral online and has received over 2.5 million views.

Wong told CNN that he has always been conscious about his scars, but decided to reveal them in the heat of the moment.

Wong also told CNN that the violence “is really going out of control here” and that it “has to stop.” He further said that his basic message was “to be kind, and be a good citizen, to be a good role model.”

“The last I read the American Constitution, we the people, we are all the same. We are equal,” Wong said in his speech.

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