Private School Students in London Stage Walkout After ‘Rape Culture’ Claims

Students from a prestigious private school in London, England staged a walkout on March 25 following over 200 testimonies alleging “rape culture.”

The local newspaper Hamstead & Highgate Express reported that students from years 11 to 13 at Highgate School walked out of their classes to protest the “vile and inhumane” actions of male students and that the school had “failed” the “survivors, not victims.”

One student said in a speech that male violence “must be eradicated once and for all,” as reported by the local newspaper.

“I think we have all shown at Highgate School, as a community, the pupils standing in front of me today, we will not be silenced anymore,” the student added.

Students held the demonstration after former and current students published a document online containing 220 anonymous testimonies that detailed alleged first-hand accounts of sexual abuse and rape.

Published through a website called Everyone’s Invited and also sent to governors, the document included claims of abuse being committed by fellow students inside the classroom or off school property. It also alleged that rape at the school was “normal” and that the staff “tolerated” rape.

According to BBC News, one testimony described how they were raped by one boy, sexually abused by two others, “and sexually harassed by too many to keep count.”

The school’s governing body released a statement saying they were “deeply shocked and horrified by the allegations” and that they “fully support and commend” the demonstration of the students, “standing in solidarity with all the victims of sexual harassment or abuse.”

The governing body also said that it had launched an independent investigation on the testimonies to “transparently scrutinize exactly what took place.”

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