Chinese Protests in France Denouncing Racism Against Asians

Chinese protestors in France demonstrated outside a Paris court during the trial of five men who are on trial for allegedly inciting violence against Asians over the internet.

The defendants wrongfully accused the Chinese of starting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Angela Cai, a protester, told the South China Morning Post that the virus has no nationality. “We are not the virus. The virus has no nationality. We are parents, we are mothers, fathers and I want to live in France as I am French. I want to be able to feel safe at home,” she said.

Jean, a Chinese-French man, said he was attacked for “no reason” in October after the second nationwide lockdown in the country was imposed.

“Someone assaulted me for nothing. He didn’t ask for my phone or my wallet. He came straight at me saying ‘dirty Chinese, because of you there is a lockdown.”

Jean added the suspect dislocated his arm and it was “gratuitous violence.”

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