United Airlines Boosts Midwest Routes for Summer 2021

United Airlines adds more than 12 nonstop routes between Midwest regions and coastal US cities in an attempt to capitalize on the domestic tourism trade.

United released projections on Thursday that it would be at 52% of the business they did in May 2019, signaling the most flights taken in over a year. Last May, United only did 14% of the business they did in May 2019.

This shift is indicative of a focus on domestic travel for the summer, which for airlines is usually their busiest season. Air travel has steadily rebounded since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in recent months, though has been hampered again by further lockdowns in Europe.

United’s Vice President of Network and Schedule planning told reporters that this was to focus on where United believes the demand will be for air travelers come May and June.

United has added multiple flights to cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh, as well as locations in Montana, Florida, and a host of Southern and Midwestern states. Other airlines like Southwest and Spirit have begun to employ similar strategies as it seems most airlines are gearing up for a summer season of domestic flights.

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