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Suez Canal Blockage Could Cause Another Toilet Paper Shortage


Producers in the toilet paper industry are warning consumers that another shortage of bathroom tissue could be on the horizon with global shipping container shortages.

Wood pulp producer Suzano, a Brazil based company, made statements to the press that recent squeezes on metal ribbed shipping containers is causing supply lines to stretch increasingly thin. Should supply conditions worsen, they fear consumers will buy out the remaining supply and cause another toilet paper shortage.

This problem has become exacerbated by a 400 meter shipping freighter that has wedged itself in the Suez Canal in Egypt, blocking most trade both in and out. This is the first time in 150 years that the canal has experienced any kind of blockade.

It is currently unclear how the ship became wedged in the canal, but some experts have theorized that engine failure or strong winds might have caused the event. Crews are working around the clock to free the ship and resume trade within the canal.

The blockage has crippled trade within the canal, as food, medicine, and oil all wait to come into port. This severely hampers supply lines to Europe and Africa, and if prolonged could cause a food crisis.