South And East United States Brace For Adverse Weather

50 million people will now brace for severe thunderstorms and potential tornados and Americas South and Southwest regions, areas that have already been racked by heavy rain and flooding earlier this week.

Parts of Mississippi and Tennessee were hit with tornados, hail and damaging wind gusts on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. This is largely the same region that was affected by the February white outs that crippled large portions of the US energy sector.

Forecasts have called for more harsh weather, with forecasts projecting that a sizeable storm system would hit Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee Wednesday night moving into Thursday. Weather experts expect the storm to start in Texas and work its way east into Thursday.

Multiple state officials and news outlets in the region have released flood warnings, along with tornado warnings and safety recommendations for citizens. A tornado was sighted last Wednesday in Alabama, though experts believe any tornados from the forecast storms will not move any further north than the Tennessee region.

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