Suez Canal Blocked After Mega Container Ship Runs Aground

Suez Canal became severely congested after the Ever Given, a container ship longer than the Eiffel Tower, ran aground in the southern part and blocked the whole waterway raising fears of delays for global trade.

The Ever Given was traversing the Suez canal en route to Rotterdam, Netherlands but ran aground at about 6:00 am local time Tuesday.

The Taiwan-based Evergreen Line, which chartered the Ever Given said the vessel lost control due to 40-knot winds.

(Ever Given deviated)“from its course due to suspected sudden strong wind,” said Evergreen Lines.

Presently, the ship remained immobilized as more than a hundred vessels piles up on the northern and southern necks of the canal.

Salvage efforts have already been conducted to move the ship but due to its immense size, none have been successful so far.

Even with more than five tugboats, the 400-meter long and 224,000-ton cargo ship has failed to budge.

“The salvage operation with tugs is underway, and hopefully the vessel will be freed soon, but it could last days,”, said Ralph Leszczynski, head of research at shipbroker Banchero Costa & Co.

Campbell University maritime history professor Sal Mercogliano explained that the congestion along the main maritime route from Europe to Asia could impact global trade.

“This is the largest vessel ever to go aground in the Suez Canal,” said Mercogliano.

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