Bribery and Corruption Rampant Across Somalia says Anti-Corruption Organization

Somalia’s anti-corruption organization, Marqaati, published a report on Wednesday detailing the high rate of bribery and corruption as well as the lack of accountability in the country.

The report cites the poor rule of law and nonexistent institutions to hold those in power accountable as reasons why bribe paying is on the rise in Somalia, stating that bribery is more rampant is areas with a strong state presence.

“While overall bribe-paying is 14%, it is a deflated number because the state is weak or not present in most of the country. In some districts in Mogadishu, where the state is strongest, bribe-paying is as high as 50%.”

The report added that the higher rates of bribery and corruption in areas that have stronger state presence “suggests that the disproportionate investment in security as opposed to the rule of law and democratization has resulted in security forces that are unaccountable except to their paymasters; justice that is sold to the highest bidder; and a disregard for state authority by the citizenry.”

The report suggests that the Somalian ruling class need to prioritize strengthening the rule of law and building accountable institutions over strengthening the security forces.

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