AstraZeneca Reportedly Used Outdated COVID Data in Vaccine Trials

The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has called into question AstraZeneca’s latest COVID vaccine trial results, saying that the British based pharmaceutical corporation may have used outdated data to achieve their results.

This news has raised questions by US health officials who are preparing to clear AstraZeneca’s vaccine for use in the US. The announcement out of NIAID said that the results of clinical trials showed an “incomplete view of the efficacy data”. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci also made comment on the results, saying that he was “stunned” and thought the data did not agree with findings in US based trials. Fauci, along with the rest of NIAID, have called for a thorough examination of the trial’s findings before introducing to US markets.

This is the second large misstep for AstraZeneca, who failed to inform global health organizations of a halting in its clinical trial after one of their patients grew ill. Public trust in AstraZeneca has waned significantly, and its stock price has fallen $133 (-4.03%) dollars in todays market.

President Biden’s office offered reassurance to the American people on Tuesday, with senior advisor Andy Slavitt assuring citizens that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was carefully vetting all potential vaccines for use in an interview with CNN.  

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