Sex Scandal Rocks Australian Parliament After Photo Leaks

A whistleblower from Australia’s parliament has leaked a photo of an aide performing a sexual act on a female MP’s desk, in the latest scandal involving the parliament which has earlier sparked protests in the country.

The whistleblower known only as Tom told local media that there was a “culture of men thinking that they can do whatever they want.”

Tom also said that a prayer room in Parliament House was usually used by lawmakers and government staffers for sex, and accused them of bringing sex workers “for the pleasure of coalition MPs”.

He said that he had been “immune” to the work culture of government staffers sharing explicit photos.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded with “I am shocked and I am disgusted,” he told reporters on Tuesday. 

However, later tensions rose after a Sky News reporter asked if his job would be in jeopardy over him who seemed to have “lost control” over his staff. 

Morrison countered by revealing that an alleged harassment case was being pursued in the journalist’s news outlet.

“And that matter is being pursued by your own HR department,” Morrison said. 

“What I’m suggesting to you is there are serious issues here that no one individual can be overwatched on every inch of this place, every second of the day and I don’t think any Australian has that reasonable expectation,” he held.

Last month, Morrison apologized to a former staffer Brittany Higgins after she said she was raped by a colleague in Parliament House.

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