Russian Nuclear Bomber Crew Killed Due to Ejector Seat Malfunction

An ejection seat malfunction on a Tu-22M3 nuclear bomber has left three Russian airmen dead during takeoff at the Shaikovka military airfield in the Kaluga region.

The plane was about to take off when the ejector seats triggered and sent the airmen flying into the air but not high enough to deploy their parachutes. 

“An ejection system malfunctioned during a planned preparation on the ground for a Tu-22M3 flight at an airfield in the Kaluga region,” explained the Russian defense ministry.

After getting jettisoned, the airmen fell several feet and crashed violently on the tarmac. 

According to Russian authorities, the injuries sustained by the three airmen during their fall were “incompatible with life.”

It was not reported if the airmen died on the spot or if they died after being taken for medical treatment. 

A state commission has already been sent to the area to inspect the bomber and look into the reasons for the accident.

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