Malaysian Customs Agents Seize $1.3 Billion Worth of Captagon

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department has seized 94.8 million Captagon pills worth at least $1.3 billion from containers at Port Klang, the largest ever drug seizure in Malaysian history.

“This is our biggest success ever and we believe we have crippled the activities of an international drug cartel. The drugs were found hidden inside trolley tires and were meant to be shipped to a third country in the Far East,” said Customs director-general Datuk Seri Abdul Latif Abdul Kadir.

The pills were reportedly hidden in three 12m (40ft) containers from the Middle East. 

According to Kadir, they received information about the shipment from Saudi Arabian authorities. 

Kadir said that no arrests were made in connection with the shipment and that they are still investigating where or who it was bound to. 

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