Venezuelan Troops Clash with Unidentified Group near Colombian Border

Venezuela’s military has clashed with an unidentified armed group near the border with Colombia in the southwestern Venezuelan state of Apure

“This Sunday we were awakened, we residents of Arauquita, by detonations from the Venezuelan air force,”  Arauquita mayor, Etelivar Torres.

The Venezuelan defense ministry said Venezuelan troops had captured 32 individuals, destroyed six encampments, and seized arms, munitions, vehicles, and drugs from “irregular Colombian armed groups.”

The ministry said that two of their own soldiers were killed during the encounter and that they would continue to carry out operations in the area.

Venezuela has long been accused by the Colombian government of harboring former FARC rebels. 

 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned that they would “respond with force” if Colombia’s anti-terror units “dared to violate the sovereignty of Venezuela.”

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