US House Antitrust Panel Plans to Release More Bills to Regulate Big Tech

Democratic representative David Cicilline is preparing 10 more bills that will target the Big Tech sector with anti-trust suits according to sources inside the House of representatives.

Cicilline, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s anti-trust panel, released a 449 page report in October 2020 detailing the abuse of market power from big tech names like Amazon, Google’s Alphabet Company and Facebook.

The committee, which works under Cicilline’s supervision, will introduce the 10 smaller bills in an effort to stop big tech lobbyists from shutting down one large and wide-sweeping bill. They also have a smaller bill in the works that will target Section 230, a law that absolves tech platforms of liability from content posted by users.

Last month the Cicilline made statements to Congress noting that both Democrats and Republicans agree that Big Tech wields far too much power, and that “change is coming”. These hearing followed a 16 month investigation of tech companies released last year which found that nearly all of the big players had abused their influence in the digital economy.

Cicilline’s office declined to comment to the press on Monday morning following the news.

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