ICUs In Most Brazilian States Are Filled Beyond 80% Capacity

Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in some Brazilian states hit over 80 percent filled capacity, according to the leading health institute.

Fiocruz said that two states in Brazil are COVID-19 units are at or above 80 percent while 19 state capitals have passed 90 percent capacity.

In the Rio Grande do Sul state there are no intensive care beds available at all.

The warning came as the country registered its highest daily death toll yet with 2,841 dying within 24 hours, figures constitute a large jump from the previous high of 2,286 on March 10.

Some medical professionals were also “burned out” after months of work. Others are simply unable to keep up with the endless flow of critical COVID-19 patients pushing the country’s healthcare system to the brink, reports said.

Brazilian Medical Association President César Eduardo Fernandes said that intensive care doctors are a commodity in short supply.

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