Apple Must Pay $308.5M in Eastern District of Texas Patent Trial Verdict Says Jury

Apple is required to pay $308.5 million to Personalized Media Communications after a federal jury in Marshall, Texas decided that Apple had infringed on patent related digital rights and management.

The decision was made on Friday March 19 in a suit brought by Personalized Media Communications (PMC) over its FairPlay technology, which is used by Apple in their iTunes, App Store and Apple Music platforms.

The jury’s final decision on Friday will see a running payment of royalties, the price of which dependent on sales numbers from Apple’s various platforms. The trial lasted five days and was originally levied against Apple in 2015.

Apple representatives said that they were disappointed in the results of the trial and would be seeking an appeal. The company emailed a statement to the press saying that cases involving companies that “don’t make or sell any products” limits innovation and “ultimately harms consumers”.

Other big name tech companies like Google won their suits brought by PMC over their YouTube platform back in November. A case against entertainment streaming website Netflix by PMC is still pending in the New York court system.

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