Italian Supercar Maker Lamborghini’s Profits Soar Fueled by Chinese Markets

Italian car maker Lamborghini has its most profitable year on record in 2020, driven by increased demand in Chinese markets.

Sales numbers came in slightly under last years performance, but the increased sale of customized super cars pushed profits to their highest margins ever. Lamborghini sold 7,430 cars globally last year, just behind the record-setting 8,250 they sold in 2019.

Lamborghini credit much of this success to the premiere of their Urus line, a luxury sports utility vehicle option. The Urus made a big splash in 2020, accounting for 59% of the total company sales. The success of the Urus has given Lamborghini “peace of mind” according to their executives, allowing them to reinvest funds into future ideas.

The other half of their success is attributed to the sale of “limited special series” models, with chief executives telling press that they had covered nine months worth of orders for 2021. 

Lamborghini expects to do another solid year of business in 2021 as a result, expecting consumers to be willing to spend in a post-pandemic scenario.

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