Eastern and Central United States Brace for Emergence of Brood X Cicadas Swarms

One of the largest broods of 17-year cicadas, group was also known as Brood X, will emerge from underground in a dozen states, from New York west to Illinois and south into north Georgia.

Matt Kason, an associate professor at West Virginia University who studies cicadas, said that they have been underground feeding on roots.

“They’re in the dark, they’re feeding on roots⁠, just living their best lives until the time is right,” she said.

“And that’s when they decide, you know what, it may be time to go up and find a partner,” she added.

In late April or early May, once the ground is warm enough, billions of Brood X cicadas will be seen across a dozen states.

The young cicadas, called “nymphs,” will rake their way out of the ground and climb up to shed their skins one last time and transform into adults. They will have only a few weeks to make noise, mate, and begin the cycle again.

“They’re coming! This is the year of the 17-year cicada in our area. There will be trillions of them in early summer. They are harmless. They are loud. They are high in protein if you’re into that. They don’t social distance. It’s a phenomenon of nature to be enjoyed. Can’t wait!” Fairparks County Parks said in a tweet.

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