Cockfights Break Out on Twitch as Administrators Struggle to Block Content

Livestreams of cockfights have begun popping up on Twitch as the platform’s administrators aggressively shut down any broadcast featuring the events.

The streams feature roosters aggressively fighting each other, an event that is illegal in every US state and banned in many countries around the globe. Cockfighting remains very popular in the Philippines, where legal and regulated matches are known as “sabong” in the region.

The vast majority of these streams seem to be of large, publicly advertised events. Streams were seeing hundreds of viewers tune in before Twitch admins took down the streams, in accordance with their Terms of Service that expressly prohibit “acts of violence” as well as “blood, gore, violence and other obscene conduct”.

Twitch did not provide comment to the press upon request and is likely still running damage control.

Multiple channels were identified on Thursday morning by both Twitch and the press. These channels had no followers and completely empty chatrooms despite having hundreds of viewers. 

Of the streams that were broadcast on Thursday, several ended with the death of one of the roosters. 

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