Irish Garda Seizes $3.34M Cocaine Shipment

The Irish Garda has seized 41kg of cocaine worth $3.34M  that was stashed in a vehicle during an in Co Donegal.

“Milford District Drugs Unit, Donegal Division seized 41kg of a substance believed to be cocaine with an estimated value of €2.8 million, as part of an intelligence led operation,” said the Garda.

According to Garda’s investigation, the large cocaine stash was sent to Ireland by a UK drug ring and was destined for dealers in Northern Ireland but it was not collected after 10 days.

The van containing the cocaine was reportedly sent to a ferry from Britain in the first week of this month. and was driven into Donegal.

Garda commander Superintendent David Kelly, said that the seizure would contribute to the overall safety of the community. 

Editors Note: Story “IRELAND-COCAINE-SEIZURE” corrected on 18.03.2021 13:02. The prior version contained a minor typographical error.

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