Unidentified Suspect Slashes Throat of 75-year-old Man in Montpellier, France

Police have launched a manhunt for a suspect who suddenly slashed the throat of a 75-year-old man outside a church in Montpellier.

The attack reportedly happened at 11:30 am local time after the victim had just stepped out of the Saint-Roch church.

The victim collapsed in a pool of blood on rue de l’Ancien Courrier in l’Ecusson before he was taken to a hospital and was reported to be in critical condition.

Midi Libre reported that the man was cut in the carotid artery which is often fatal.

The crime scene has already been sealed off to the public for investigation and safety.

Police are currently pursuing the suspect but have no leads on the identity and motive.

It is unknown if the incident was a terror attack but police are not ruling it out. 

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