Taiwan Increases Military Presence in South China Sea

Taiwan’s new defense minister announced that they had strengthened deployments in the disputed South China Sea after the US greenlighted the exports of upgrades for Taiwan’s new submarine fleet.

“They are capable of starting a war. My goal is for us to be ready at all times, ” said Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng.

Chiu mentioned that they had also increased personnel deployment and armaments on Itu Aba, the main island in the Spratlys chain that Taiwan occupies in the South China Sea.

The increased deployments were allegedly in response to the increased Chinese activity in the area including increased fleet presence and construction of manmade islands. 

China has also recently increased conducting flights within Taiwan’s air defense zones which prompted air sorties from the latter.

Chiu said they are looking into how to deal with the incursions which are taking a toll on their defense budget. 

“If we match them one for one, it costs a lot,” said Chiu. 

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