Russian Soldier Left Dangling from Helicopter after Parachute Error

A Russian parachutist was left dangling from a Mil Mi-8 Hip helicopter after his parachute snagged the tail after leaping out during an exercise at a military airfield in the village of Kashtak near the city of Chita.

The soldier was filmed hanging upside down 6,500 feet in the air but was safely lowered.

“I was thinking about how the man’s health was, he was probably suffering from frostbite,’ he added. ‘It was minus 20 degrees Celsius out there. And under that tail rotor, it was probably worse,” said one witness. 

According to Russian media, the pilot was unharmed and did not suffer any injuries.

The Russian armed forces have not disclosed if the soldier was performing a static line jump, in which the parachute opens automatically, or if they were attempting to jump freefall.

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