Myanmar Military Junta Shuts Down Mobile Data Access

Netblocks and Burmese social media users have reported that the military junta has been blocking mobile data access in the country for 31 consecutive days.

“Update: Mobile data remains cut in #Myanmat even as fIxed-line (wifi) internet is restored from 6:30 am Wednesday, after the 31st night in a row of national internet shutdowns imposed by the military,” said Netblocks.

Since Monday, information on arrests and violence in Myanmar has appeared less on social media.

Because of the mobile data outages, Burmese citizens and private media outlets are having a hard time sharing photos and content of atrocities committed by the junta online.

After multiple reports of security forces using live ammo against protesters and a rising death toll, human rights groups have expressed concern regarding the lack of transparency in the country.

“With the internet shut down, the people inside areas sealed off by the military and police have no access to the outside world. The junta is trying to stop any information about the violence they are committing from getting out. The junta is trying to create a total blackout,” explained John Quinley, senior human rights specialist at the rights group Fortify Rights.

UN rights office spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani expressed more concern after there were multiple reports of political detainees that have died because of alleged torture.

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