Nashville Christmas Day RV Bombing Not Terrorism Claims FBI

The FBI announced Monday that the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville was motivated by the bomber’s intent to end his life, not terrorism. 

Additionally, investigators also attributed the bomber’s actions to several “life stressors,” including his “eccentric” beliefs and “deteriorating interpersonal relationships.” 

The FBI concluded the bomber acted alone, and without intent “to bring about social or political change,” an important distinction in the classification of terrorism. The FBI also clarified that the bomber had not been targeting specific people or entities. 

“[The bomber] specifically chose the location and timing of the bombing so that it would be impactful, while still minimizing the likelihood of causing undue injury,” The FBI said. 

Investigators said the bomber packed an RV with explosives to bomb a downtown Nashville city block at about 6:30 a.m. Christmas Day. Prior to the blast, the bomber warned people to evacuate the area through a loudspeaker that played Petula Clark’s song “Downtown” and a computerized countdown. Officers swept through nearby buildings and ensured residents evacuated their apartments prior to the bomb’s detonation. Warner was the only person killed. 

Nashville Mayor, John Cooper said, “Metro is working with community partners and residents too bring opportunity out of tragedy. Today’s determination by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is another step in that process. We’re making progress on salvaging historic materials from the blast zone, restoring public infrastructure and engaging with experts and neighbors to imagine a future Second Avenue.” 

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