Argentinian President’s Minivan Attacked with Stones During Visit to Fire Damaged Patagonia Forest

Protesters have thrown rocks at Argentinian President Alberto Fernández’s convoy while had been visiting a region in Patagonia that was devastated by forest fires.

The vehicle carrying Fernandez was reportedly leaving a community center in the town of Lago Puelo, Chubut when it was surrounded by a mob of angry protesters.

The protesters then started punching and kicking the vehicle before the stone-throwing started.

The protesters managed to break two windows in Fernandez’s vehicle before the convoy managed to escape.

Fernandez was not reported to have been hurt during the attack while the extent of the damage to his convoy has not been disclosed.

The protesters were allegedly angry about Fernandez’s support for local governor Mariano Arcioni’s plans to resume open-pit mining in Chubut which is rich in gold, silver, and uranium.

In response to the hostile welcome he received in Chubut, Fernandez said that he was “sure that this violence is not shared by the Chubut people and by those who inhabit our beloved Argentina.”

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