Thousands Attend Nationwide March 4 Justice Rally Against Sexual Assault in Australia

Thousands of people have attended marches across Australia to protest against sexual assault of women after a wave of allegations kicked off in politics in the past month.

Protesters gathered to over 40 marches in several cities nationwide, including Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne as part of the nationwide March 4 Justice rally, after former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins alleged that a colleague in parliament in 2019 raped her, sparking a series of other allegations including ones made against Attorney General Christian Porter, who has denied the accusations.

“We are all here today, not because we want to be here, because we have to be here. We fundamentally recognize the system is broken, the glass ceiling is still in place and there are significant failings in the power structures within our institution,” Higgins said at the rally.

“I came forward with my story to hopefully protect other women,” Higgins also said.

A large crowd of protesters also gathered at the Parliament House in Canberra.

“We have already come to the front door, now it’s up to the Government to cross the threshold and come to us. We will not be meeting behind closed doors,” march organizer Janine Hendry stated in a tweet, rejecting Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s invitation to meet with him in the Parliament House.

“More than 100,000 women and allies from every walk of life are standing up to speak. How could meeting with just three women be enough?” Hendry also tweeted.

The organizers said that Morrison and the Minister for Women should attend the rally to address the concerns there instead.

Several government leaders declined to attend the march.

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