Swedish Norovirus Outbreak Traced to Estonian Shrimp

Swedish authorities believe that the local norovirus outbreak came from shrimp imported from Estonia.

The Swedish Food Agency,  Livsmedelsverket said that at least 100 people were infected but investigations are still ongoing.

Most of the cases were speculated to have been caused by consuming “smörgåstårta,” a local sandwich-like delicacy that contained shrimp. 

Mats Lindblad, from Livsmedelsverket, said they managed to link the outbreak after interviewing the patients and found out that they all consumed the shrimp.

The cases of norovirus were first reported on the last weekend of March which prompted the withdrawal of the shrimp when February started. 

According to Swedish media outlets, the shrimps were only distributed Varnamo in Jönköping County in southern Sweden.

Norovirus is known to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, moderate fever, and abdominal pain, which could be transmitted through human contact and food contamination. 

Norovirus is seldom fatal but could give immunocompromised individuals chronic infections, and severe stool discharge. 

There are no specific treatments available for norovirus and there are no vaccines to prevent it. .

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