Spanish Police Arrest Leaders of Largest Cocaine Ring in Madrid, Seizes Weapons, Cash, and Cars

Spanish police have arrested 12 members of Madrid’s largest drugs syndicate and seized various weapons, cash, and 20 luxury cars.

The police found various weapons ranging from revolvers to a Japanese katana, at least 700,000 euros. and an assortment of cars including a Ferrari worth 250,000 euros.

The raid was conducted following an earlier one and was carried out in cooperation with Colombian National Police.

The arrests and seizures were made in 15 properties in multiple Spanish cities including Badajoz, Guadalajara, Madrid, Malaga, and Valencia where the gang reportedly operated.

Despite living in luxury properties and owning expensive vehicles, the suspects could not provide any evidence of legal income.

The head of the operation was identified to be a Moroccan national, who worked with his two brothers and a lawyer who carried out their money-laundering operations.

Spanish police said the gang had an elaborate logistics network for the distribution of cocaine across Spain.

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